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Growing up in poverty? Suppl. Studi Zancan 3-4/2019

This book gathers the papers presented at the International Conference on Misure efficaci contro la povertà: Italia e altri paesi a confronto (Effective Measures to Cope with Poverty: Lessons from Italy and Other Countries) organised byOn. Vanna Iori in collaboration with iaOBERfcs International Association for Outcome-based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children’s Services and Fondazione Emanuela Zancan onlus – Centro Studi e Ricercasociale. The Conference was held in Rome on October 10th, 2018 at the Sala dell’Istituto di Santa Maria inAquiro in Piazza Capranica 72, Roma. The papers from Cinzia Canali et al. and Marian Brandon at al. werepresented at the International Workshop on “Growing well: early childhood services in dialogue” held at the LUISSUniversity on October 9th, 2018. These initiatives were organized in the framework of the multisite project“Infanzia, Prima – Supporting local partnerships and innovative projects in the education and care forchildren [Childhood, First]” jointly promoted by Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione Cariplo, FondazioneCon Il Sud, in collaboration with Fondazione Cariparo for its two provinces and with the scientific supportof Fondazione Zancan.



Current challenges for the future of evaluation (Cinzia Canali and Tiziano Vecchiato)

Part 1 – Critical issues

Child poverty in Italy: a political and social challenge (Vanna Iori)

The evaluation of the effectiveness of the fight against poverty: potential emerging from international comparison (Cinzia Canali, Marie Connolly and Marzia Sica)

Part 2 – International experiences

Educational poverty of children of the poor and alleviation measures in Hong Kong, China (Joyce Ma)

Understanding Child Poverty and its Impact on Educational Outcomes in the Australian Context: Strategies to Address Disadvantage (Elizabeth Fernandez)

The impact of inequality on children’s well-being (Carme Montserrat)

Fathers in poverty in child protection (Marian Brandon, Georgia Philip and John Clifton)

Child Poverty in the United Kingdom (Colette McAuley)

On Effectiveness and Outcomes (Anat Zeira)

Part 3 – Italian Experiences and Perspectives

Fund for contrasting child educational poverty: genesis, results and strategy (Carlo Borgomeo)

To innovate social inclusion practices in Italy and Europe (Giuseppe Guzzetti)

Support actions for local projects (Gilberto Muraro)

Starting from young children… to build, together, a European priority (Francesco Profumo)

Part 4 – Critical issues and challenges for assessing outcomes and social impact

The Italian contribution through the Educational Poverty Fund (Giorgio Righetti)

Critical issues and challenges for outcome and social impact assessment (Tiziano Vecchiato)

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Growing up in poverty?
Suppl. Studi Zancan 3-4/2019